Natural Way to Overcome Painful Menstruation With Herbs Without Side Effects

Carakupunya | How to Overcome Menstrual Pain with Natural Remedies without Side Effects - Menstrual pain often disrupts the activities of women, not only teenagers who experience menstrual pain but also housewives often complain about menstrual pain. When menstrual pain comes usually the women cannot do activities properly. Their activities become disturbed, sometimes even until not able to perform activities at all and lying in bed. Men who have menstrual pain do not only feel pain in the abdomen, but usually also vomiting that occurs continuously until the body feels weak. Not only that, a woman usually before menstruation feels pain in the breast, waist, hips and uncontrolled (sensitive) emotions and PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome. PMS is suspected due to hormonal factors that occur due to imperfect process of ovulation caused by not sekimbannya hormone.

Cara Alami Mengatasi Nyeri Haid dengan Ramuan Herbal Tanpa Efek Samping

What are the causes of menstrual pain?

There are many causes of menstrual pain including many thoughts (stress), too much activity we do and narrowing of blood vessels. There are three factors that cause menstrual pain: Occurrence of uterine contractions or ischemia of the uterine muscles. Because of the removal of the uterine wall due to increased prostaglandin. Hormonal factors of increased production of hormone progesterone. And the last psychic or excessive anxiety, so do not be surprised if the emotions of women is difficult to guess.

How to Overcome Menstrual Pain with Herbal Remedies Without Side Effects

Well after we know what are the factors that cause pain when we women experience menstruation, here are some health tips for you who are experiencing menstrual pain that is with herbs without having to consume drugs, which of course natural way more safe and no effect aside for our health. There are several foods that must be consumed and avoided when menstrual pain:

1. Reduce intake of foods that contain high salt such as french fries, nuts and spicy foods to help reduce excessive water retention.

2. Reduce intake of food in the form of flour, sugar, chocolate, ice and caffeine.

3. Add foods that contain vitamin C and calcium with a high dose of 500 mg if needed and you should not suffer from chronic mag disease and do it 1 week before menstruation.

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