Be alert! These are 10 Causes of Tremorous Hands

Carakupunya | Be alert! These 10 Causes of Hand Trembling (Tremor) - Tremor is uncontrollable and uncontrolled movement on one or more parts of your body. Tremor usually occurs because parts of the brain that control muscles experience problems.

Waspada ! Ini 10 Penyebab Tangan Gemetar (Tremor)

Tremor causes trembling in the body, the most common part is the hands. In general, tremor does not necessarily indicate a significant health problem. However, in certain cases tremor may indicate a serious problem in a person's body.

Be alert! These are 10 Causes of Tremorous Hands

Treatment of some types of tremor depends on how accurate the diagnosis is. Because some of the tremor will disappear once the conditions that cause it can be overcome. However, most cases of tremor cannot be cured.

In some cases of other tremors, medications may be prescribed by a doctor to treat them. There are also some therapies such as botoks injections, physical therapy such as wrist loads, and brain stimulation therapy that can also be an option for treating tremors.

Essential tremors can occur in the hands, head, facial structure, vocal cords, throat and legs. Most often occurs on the hands and arms. The esophageal tremor usually affects both sides of the body, but is stronger on one side only. Tremors become more severe when the hands or feet are in a less comfortable position. But it usually stops by itself.

There are several symptoms that can be recognized by someone who has tremor. Specific symptoms can include, the head nodding, vibrations or vibrating sounds, when tremors strike the vocal cords, difficulty writing, drawing, drinking from a glass, or using tools, if tremors strike the hand. There are also some characteristics and symptoms that are not mentioned above. If you have the same complaint, please consult your doctor.

See your doctor immediately if you have a sudden or worsening tremor. What's more, when tremors have disrupted daily activities. Report to your doctor if you suspect certain medications you are taking as a cause of tremor.

Most tremors are triggered by your lifestyle such as excessive alcohol consumption and caffeine, so reducing or avoiding them is the easiest way. Here are 10 causes that might cause your hands to tremble:

Be alert! These are 10 Causes of Tremorous Hands


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