20 Causes and Easy Ways to Overcome Mouth Smell Naturally

Carakupunya | 20 Causes and Effective Ways to Eliminate Mouth Smell Naturally - In general, the mouth is used to make sounds according to commands from the brain, which are then thrown by the mouth and will be responded by the interlocutor who is in front of him or not directly, namely through communication devices. But in some cases, mouths that smell bad will make a person become insecure. Maybe you also include people who pay attention to appearance, right? indeed appearance is very important to make confident, but on the other hand we also have to be able to introspect ourselves whether there are deficiencies that exist in us.

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Sometimes when we are with other people we feel not confident, both in appearance and others. Therefore we must be able to make ourselves become confident by changing our lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. Including as we will discuss this time the Powerful Way to Eliminate Natural Mouth Odor. Bad breath really makes us not confident, when we smell our bad breath through the reflection of the hand and it turns out the smell is very refreshing, it certainly will make us pessimistic to talk with other people, especially with close talking distance.

Causes of Bad Mouth Smell

1. No Routine Mouth Cleaning

The most dominant cause for the owners of bad breath is the lack of care for teeth and mouth, so that it will make plaque and bacteria from food and drinks will settle in the mouth and will cause bad breath that is not tasty.

2. Sprue

Sprue is one of the causes of bad mouth odor, because there is an infection in the mouth that causes pus odor from the mouth.

3. Smoking

We know that smoking will cause bad breath, and will certainly make other people feel disturbed by the unpleasant smell from our mouths.

4. Hollow teeth

The most influencing factor for bad breath is cavities. This is the main factor that triggers bad breath, this occurs due to the large amount of food debris in between cavities which gradually decay and cause bad breath accompanied by other problems such as swollen gums.

15 Effective Ways to Eliminate Mouth Smell Naturally
1. Routine Cleaning of Teeth

The first and foremost effective way to deal with bad breath is to routinely and regularly clean or brush your teeth every day. Try to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, namely in the morning and at night before going to bed. And also notice when you brush your teeth, do not be too aggressive and excessive which will eventually destroy the tooth enamel and will cause the teeth to be vulnerable to damage.

2. Cleaning the dirt that slips on the teeth

Usually when finished eating, especially meat, then the rest of the food will slip between the teeth and will form plaque and tartar, because the place is very popular with bacteria to survive in the mouth. Well, to overcome this you need to get used to cleaning the meat that slips between your teeth and if necessary use dental floss to clean the leftovers between the teeth

3. Routine Using Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash

Now to maximize the effort to eliminate bad breath, it is advisable to gargle using an anti-bacterial mouthwash a few seconds, and make it a habit to routinely after waking up. This good habit will make bacteria and plaques that have been lodged overnight will be reduced and even lost.

4. Cleanse Dirt and Bacteria in the Tongue

It turns out that bacteria not only stick to tartar, but the tongue can also be a comfortable nest for bacteria. And indirectly, the surface of the tongue will form a layer that will cause foul odor due to the bacteria.

5. Trying to Quit Smoking

Indeed, to 100% quit smoking is difficult, and certainly very difficult. But if you don't want to be shunned by people around because of the smell of your breath, it's better to self-motivate you to reduce your smoking habits until you can stop completely. If you need a little help, buy outdated nicotine sold in pharmacies. This will help reduce addiction to smoking.

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