15 Effective Ways to Overcome Hair Lice Naturally

Carakupunya | 15 Powerful Ways to Get Rid of Hair Mites Quickly and Naturally - Is the most proud part of every human being without exception women, and men. Hair makes its own stamina for its owner, but not infrequently there are many problems in it, it's not easy to treat one of the most serious problems is fleas and dandruff, this problem is very uncomfortable and makes you less PD, and not attractive especially in pubic circles.

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Hair lice are a pretty serious problem, as some experts say ticks can be contagious when the patient interacts with relatives, family and lovers by flying from the hair. Sufferers to the hair of the person invited to interact with the patient. here I will share a good way to address the problem. The cause of lice on the hair usually uses a comb that is used by the user, using a towel or cloth dryer that is used by the user, the use of chemicals that cause the birth of head lice, and from your habits that are too lazy to treat hair so it becomes dirty and cause lice seeds.

The method offered here can remove lice eggs on the hair, which can infest 6-8 days and infest very fast, and eliminate them in a natural way, without damaging the hair, and eradicate it completely from egg to root.

15 Effective Ways to Treat Lice on Hair Quickly and Naturally

Drive or remove it from your head and then take care of it and kill the seeds and eggs so the louse does not come back. Here's how to remove the lice on the hair to tidah kembalai again, including using

1) Aloe Vera

 Because this is the easiest plant to find and easily obtain and plant it can be used as an economical helper including lice, dry and unhealthy hair, with aloe vera can improve the keratin system in the hair and expel penykit such as lice and dandruff in general . How to use aloe vera that is old, can be absorbed or in directly apply and let stand 10-15 minutes later in the washing to remove the smell repeat week 3-4 times for maximum results.

2) Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaves are fruit leaves that contain a lot of properties other than medicine as well as a lice remover on the hair, how to process the old leaves or the young are boiled until the water is browned and cool after using it for shampooing, the process is the same as shampooing in general it only starts with the water of the sirak leaves repeat twice a week to get maximum results.

3) Lime

This fruit is very active to remove oil and rust on iron, but it can also be used for health, especially in hair with problems with lice. That is by squeezing the juice extracted / squeezed orange juice in a special place, before applying it to the hair and giving about 1/4 or eucalyptus eucalyptus oil to taste, this will give a cool and sour effect on the hair and certainly efficacious to eliminate lice .

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