15 Effective Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags

15 Effective Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

15 Cara Ampuh Menghilangkan Kantong Mata Secara Alami

Compress with ice cubes

15 Effective Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

Do you like watching boxing? Usually when the break time, the boxer will compress his face using a cold washcloth dipped in ice water. After being examined, it turned out that the nature of cold ice was able to provide freshness of the skin. Thus, ice cubes proved to be effective enough to eliminate panda eyes. Here's how to deal with eye bags with ice cubes,

- Prepare ice cubes to taste

- There are two ways that can be done, namely applying directly and using the help of a clerk

- If it's severe enough, you can apply ice cubes directly.

Use potato masks

I have previously discussed how to make potato masks and their benefits. One of the benefits of this mask is that it can prevent premature aging, from wrinkles to eye bags.

15 Effective Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

The efficacy of this one potato can arise because it contains high levels of citric acid and phosphoric acid. This content is proven to accelerate regerenasi new skin cells.

How to remove eye bags with potatoes:

- Peel 1 potato, then puree

- Put the puree into a thin cloth

- Use to compress for 30 minutes

- Do it regularly before going to bed and after waking up in the morning

Bengkoang mask

15 Effective Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

Bengkoang mask enriched with high levels of vitamin C and B1. The content is quite useful for naturally whitening the skin. But besides that, the high water content is also believed to help remove eye bags naturally.

How to remove panda eyes with bengkoang:

- Blend 1 piece of bengkoang that has been peeled, you can grit it

- Use bengkoang bengkoang earlier as a face mask for 30 minutes

- But before using make sure your face is clean of dirt

- Let it sit until it is absorbed, then rinse with cold water.

- When done regularly, your skin will be brighter.

Compress with Tea Bags

15 Effective Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

Did you know, what are the benefits of tea bags? It turns out the tea bag is quite useful to eliminate panda eyes lho. The tannin content in the tea bag can narrow the pores of the skin and tighten it naturally. With regular use, your eyes will also be fresher.

How to remove eye bags with tea bags:

- Prepare two bags of tea used (can be an ordinary tea or green tea)

- Dip a tea bag into cold water for 10 minutes

- Then attach the bag to the eye area

- Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.

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