10 Benefits of Natural Civet Coffee for Your Health

Carakupunya | 10 Benefits of Civet Coffee for Your Health - Civet coffee is coffee that comes from civet animals. Starting from the coffee eaten by the civet star, which was taken directly from the coffee tree, it turned out that after being examined the coffee eaten by civet was the best choice of coffee from coffee trees. This civet animal does not want to eat any coffee, it must be coffee that is really good quality. This civet is also famous for being the most difficult animal in terms of eating because not every day he wants to eat coffee sometimes he also goes on a hunger strike for coffee. Maintaining this civet is arguably easy because this animal has a changing mood.

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What content is contained in civet coffee ??

Basically a cup of coffee contains 85mg of caffeine. In Indonesia there are 4 types of coffee, including robusta coffee, arabica coffee, moka coffee, instant coffee and civet coffee. Where instant coffee has the highest caffeine content of 2.8% to 5.0% then robustha coffee 1.48%, arbika 1.10%, moka 1.00% and civet coffee below 0.5%. High caffeine coffee is toxic, but it is also not safe for those of you who have stomach disease. Low caffeine coffee is safe for consumption by patients with mag. The low content of civet coffee is also safe for heart sufferers. Well here are 10 benefits of civet coffee for health:

10 Benefits of Civet Coffee for Your Health

1. To protect teeth

The caffeine content of civet coffee can provide protection for teeth and mouth, because there is anti-bacterial and anti-sticky to prevent cavities. Besides consuming one glass of civet coffee every day can prevent the occurrence of oral cancer.

2. Add Stamina Body

Civet coffee can stimulate the blood vessel system and stimulate andrenaline hormones. That is useful to increase stamina and make the body more powerful.

3. Prevent Breast Cancer

For women can consume 4 cups of civet coffee in a day, to prevent breast cancer, especially for those who enter the monopause is very susceptible to cancer.

4. To protect the skin

Civet coffee contains vitamin E which is able to maintain healthy skin, civet coffee also reduces the risk of developing skin disease up to 17%. If you regularly consume two cups of civet coffee a day.

5. Prevent Parkinson's Disease

Identical coffee contains caffeine in it. This content can prevent parinson disease in humans. This is because coffee contains caffeine which has high antioxidants, so it can prevent free radicals and prevent damage to nerve cells.

6. Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

Civet coffee contains caffeine which is useful in inhibiting inflammation of the brain. If there is inflammation in the brain resulting in a variety of brain diseases, one of them is Alzheimer's.

7. Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has no cure, this disease can be prevented by consuming civet coffee 2-4 glasses a day without the addition of sugar.

8. Prevent Gallstones

Non-sticky substances in caffeine contained in the benefits of kopiluwak can shed cholesterol crystals that settle in the bile, so that by drinking 2 to 3 cups of civet coffee a day can prevent the buildup of gallstones.

9. Prevent Facial Wrinkles

Make a mask from a mixture of civet coffee with a mixture of one tablespoon of wheat and stirred egg yolks until thick. Stick the mask to the entire surface of the facial skin and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. Do the seminine routine twice for maximum results.

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